Personal Care Services

Personal hygiene is an important care service that senior people need the most. With growing overseas working trend among young people, their parents have become lonelier than ever. In some families, senior people remain alone after their children leave for professional career and there is not a single person to take care of the daily needs of the senior people. This is where our services for personal care come in. we provide the best caregivers for taking care of these senior people for the daily routine hygiene.

Our personal care service includes many little but necessary choirs. Our trained caregiver would help a senior to take bath. He or she will assist in putting oil or other medicinal gel or shampoo for the client. After bathing, the caregiver will help him or her to get dressed. If any senior cannot comb own hair, which is most of the cases, our service is there for it. Our caregiver would take full care of the skin care routine and hair care routine of the senior. This is a thing that helps senior people regain their lost confidence. They can be socially more expressive and more impressive in the way of it.

Personal caregiver would take care of your medicine needs. Senior people take medicines on a regular basis. But it is not always possible for them to remember and take the doses daily on right time. So, this is where our personal caregivers shine. They make a routine of all the medicines and injections our clients take, and make sure the doses are rightly given and completed its due course. There are other health drinks and supplements that old people need to intake. A trained caregiver would not only take care of that but would also guide you in restocking it.

As the designation suggests, a personal caregiver is someone who is there for your every bit of your daily personal care. Our years of experience make us the best server to cater to the senior personal care needs. We manage the routine of our client best, not because we can, but because we care. All you have to do is to reach out to us, and ask for our supporting service for your near and dear ones. We are available now at Sacramento, Greenhaven, Natomas, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Land Park and on many more locations. We also give free consultation service.

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