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We provide a free in-home assessment to obtain a clear understanding of how we may help you and/or your loved one age comfortably at home.

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“Pleasantness of our regular caregiver, Margaret, and the responsiveness of the “Care Designer”.”

— Marie S.

“We are so thankful for your flexibility and compassion for our fathers needs.”

— William L.

“Reliable to arrive on time and competency with the care. ”

— Karen O.

“We were very pleased with Lou. She is a lovely lady! However our needs have changed and we feel her services are no longer required. AllureCare is an expert in providing expert help. We would definitely recommend them to anyone requiring help. ”

— Ethel M.

“AllureCare has been life-changing for our mom. We had an immediate care-giving need for her; Sami and Holly from the Rancho Cordova office were immediately responsive and offered support promptly. They created a team of wonderful caregivers for mom that have provided every bit of kindness and caring that mom needs. Sami and Holly have been hands-on and proactive in on-site visits and following mom's care routinely. Thank you AllureCare team!!”

— Patricia W.

“Great communication, easy to set up, met our needs and exceeded our expectations with a wonderful caregiver!”

— Charmaine B.

“AllureCare was suggested to me when I needed help with my uncle to keep him living independently. From the first meeting with them, they listened to me and answered my questions in a caring and compassionate way. They have been very accommodating with scheduling changes and additional requests for care. I feel like I have a partner in the care of my uncle, and I am very grateful!”

— Terry H.

“Overall it was great experience. I was happy with the speed with which we had someone at the house. It was very short notice, and we had someone there when we needed them.”

— Kit M.

“They came to my rescue when my wife was very ill.  Can't say enough good things about them.  Couldn't have done it without them.  Thank you AllureCare you were truly my savior. Would give you more than five stars if that was possible.”

— Gary B.

“The coordinator and all of the caregivers have been helpful and gracious. We valued our time away, and my mother gets to see new faces.”

— Marie S.

“I haven't met the individual providers but we are receiving good feedback from the facility. And I am impressed with the scheduling and the commitment to communication from scheduling.”

— Valarie D

“You have been responsive to my needs, even when given a short notice.”

— Carol D.

“Great service, prompt response from owner, and amazing caregivers. ”

— Patti S.

“Their personal kindness and caring to their clients on all levels - from the owner, to billing, to the caregivers !!!”

— Kathleen W.

“They are always the best in response and professionalism.”

— Barbara N.

“Each person who has cared for me has done a wonderful job All have been very responsive and supportive of my needs to remain safe and healthy in my apartment.”

— Patricia P

“All of the caregivers were pleasant and professional. The care designer was very responsive and always returned messages. The flexibility of care needed was very important to me and AllureCare excelled in that aspect. I was very pleased with all aspects of my care and will definitely recommend this service to my friends.”

— Suzanne M.

“We have had exceptional care for my husband during the time we have been using this service. It began with the first person we spoke with and continued with everyone who came to our home. Caregivers were outstanding, so compassionate and capable. Had so much help working with the long term care provider, can't thank him enough. I recommend AllureCare highly to all my family and friends.”

— Thomas S.

“The caregivers were knowledgeable, as well as very pleasant and accommodating. Management was flexible and supportive. All were very careful about hygiene.”

— Allen L.


For A Free Consultation

Call 916-534-8955